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Pilar Mata Dupont: Mountain

Still from Mountain by Pilar Mata Dupont, 2015, single channel projection with sound, 8:11 minutes The appearance of this work here is somewhat idiosyncratic, but when a contributor to this issue fell to a later one, the possibility of writing something else arose, and as there was an unintentional theme, this work was the first considered. June was by now a long time ago anyway, and as much as Sensible Perth is a publication based in time, perhaps there is also some other function, in the breaking wave of contemporary art, that we can create or excavate: as some kind of memory. Mountain was exhibited close to a year ago, in PIAF at PICA, as part of An Internal Difficulty. There, the work shone, and if we can talk about artworks that do not use video so  successfully , it seems appropriate to discuss an artwork that uses its audiovisual medium in the most poetic and powerful way. We turn again to Jacques Rancière, who in The Future of the Image, argues that ‘‘Image’ … refers to two two

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